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Treasure Coast Wedding Destination
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Treasure Coast Wedding Destination

The Treasure Coast is a perfect wedding destination for many reasons. The Treasure Coast has miles of coastline, average high temperatures, endless beaches, awe-inspiring sunsets, panoramic ocean views, and a breathtaking oceanfront. Treasure Coast cities have everything for adventure, romance, and relaxation which makes it the ideal wedding destination for the modern or traditional couple. 

A quiet region of the Atlantic Coast, this wedding destination offers a unique setting away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities that line the East Coast of Florida. The area includes Ft. Pierce, Sebastian, Vero Beach, and Indian River, and is characterized by a special charm. There many hotels and resorts for a romantic honeymoon..

If you are looking for the perfect destination for your wedding…

Why choose the Treasure Coast of Florida?

 The “Treasure Coast” of Florida is truly the perfect historical and luxurious “Destination Wedding” location in the United States!  It was named from the many historical shipwrecks off its Coast occurring during the 1700’s and beyond.   Many of the ships were laden with rich treasures such as Peruvian silver, emeralds, gold from Columbia as well as silver and gold from Mexico and so much more.  The Treasure Coast of Florida truly lends itself to be the perfect “Destination Wedding” location not only for its rich history but for the natural beauty that surrounds it.

When choosing your “Destination Wedding” location we know there are locations world-wide you can choose from but, the Treasure Coast of Florida offers so much to you, the “Destination Couple” that you truly won’t find elsewhere. 

The Treasure Coast of Florida offers rich historical elegance as well as casual beach fronts that are perfect for those traveling to its shores to celebrate their love of one another.  The Treasure Coast offers you, the destination bride and groom, an easily accessible area by land and sea and the opportunity to have your unforgettable “Destination Wedding” at locations surrounded by fabulous vistas, beautiful beaches and a welcoming atmosphere that just won’t be found anywhere else.

The Treasure Coast is truly Florida’s shining treasure.  The Treasure Coast offers a “Destination Couple” an opportunity to have the romantic and dreamy tropical surroundings you long for to make your wedding everything you’ve been dreaming of.  Its close connection to airports, seaports and more make it the perfect place to plan and have the ultimate “Destination Wedding”.  The Treasure Coast offers the ability to create your wedding experience not just for the two of you but also for any family and friends who may be accompanying you in celebrating your romantic “Destination Wedding”.

From its year-round spectacular weather to its miles and miles of magnificent sandy beaches, the Treasure Coast of Florida offers the “Destination Couple” a variety of wedding selections ranging from simple beachside ceremonies to dramatic 5-Star Celebrity owned hotels and 5-Star golf course venues.  With its vibrant reefs, sandy beaches, inland rivers and so much more, the Treasure Coast of Florida offers every “Destination Wedding” couple the opportunity to create their vision and make it come to life. 

When a couple chooses the Treasure Coast for their “Destination Wedding” they are sure to find everything at their fingertips from opulent 5-Star Hotels, quaint Boutique Hotels and even family owned comfortable bed and breakfast lodgings and so much more.  You will discover that along with the history and beauty of the area. that there are is a great source of excellent wedding professionals that are more than happy to lend their years of experience to ensure you have the most romantic and cost effective “Destination Wedding” possible.

Here you can find help for wedding cakes, wedding photographers, Wedding vows, Wedding Catering, Wedding dresses, everything you need for your perfect wedding.

What are you waiting for?  Contact one of our professionals listed on the TC Wedding Destination Guide and let them help you create your dream “Destination Wedding” today!

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